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Who is fabric exchange for and who should participate?

at it's heart, fabric exchange is for the crafters, the artists, the re-fashionistas, the sewers, the ecoprinters, the upcyclers, the recyclers, the quilters, the collectors, and most of all for the storyteller in all of us weaving our fabric tales... 

Your Story

Fabric preferences are part of our own unique story. Which fabric philosophy do you connect with?

  • Natural - Straight from nature please. If you are a natural fibre lover then you prefer your textiles either plant (e.g. linen, cotton, hemp) or animal based (e.g. wool, hide, silk). These crafters may also fall into the sustainable camp as well.

  • Just FABRIC!We work with anything and everything because we just LOVE fabric of all kinds. Say no more, we love you love it all... if you get matched with a partner from this category if you are sending synthetic we recommend you supply higher end quality fabric.

  • Sustainable - These crafters are the active conscious consumers of the community and prefer their fabric to either be pre-loved, reclaimed, or sourced from companies that strive to operate sustainably from 'the big 5' ie environmental, economic, cultural, social and governance perspectives.  

  • Vegan - Only synthetic or plant based please, we don't agree with animals being used or harmed to bring textiles to market. 

  • Glitter Gang - Call me a magpie but the shinier the better for us; or sparkly, or feathery, or anything outrageous and over the top.

Your Craft

Just like our fabric preferences, what or how we create matters as much as what we create with.

  • I Quilt therefore I am - quilters have a language all of their own. They love working with things called 'fat quarters' which they use to create their beautifully designed quilts. They love receiving fabric in different patterns and complimentary colours.

  • Sew lovely - We generally like one single piece, or maybe two pieces of complimentary fabric so we can get stuck into our next fashion piece, or anything else we can think of to start our next project.

  • Re-fashionistas - Don't bother with the fabric, send me a coat! (... or a dress, or a pair of jeans). These folk want reclaimed and they're not afraid to ask for it. Give them a jumper and they will re-make it into a skirt and embellish a fancy hem. They are the original recyclers and thrive on an up-cycling challenge!  

  • The Artists - Prepare for anything! Our Artists of the group could be working on a wedding dress made from straw and shredded cotton to a fabric model house. Don't be worried if you get matched with an Artist. Just ask (-8

  • The Crafters - Tote bags, scarves, teepees, slippers, fabric covered boxes and books,  toys, garlands, you name it, if we can fabric-ise it we will. Crafters like lots of fabric options for different things. 

  • The Collectorslooky but no touchy thank you. We love our fabric but we don't own a pair of scissors and will frisk anyone that goes near our stash. In fact our fabric is secret squirrel business. ID please. We may not be the makers of the group (mmm one day) but we take our fabric very seriously and might prefer 1 large pretty piece of our textile of choice... or 10 (wink!)

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